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chinadaily.com.cn 2021-04-30 16:26

China launches the core capsule of its space station at the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan province on Thursday morning, April 29, 2021. [Photo by Guo Wenbin / Provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

>Space station core module Tianhe launched

China sent into space the core module of its space station on April 29, kicking off a series of key launch missions that aim to complete the construction of the station by the end of next year. The Long March-5B Y2 rocket, carrying the Tianhe module, blasted off from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in Hainan province at 11:23 am.

The core module, Tianhe, has a total length of 16.6 meters, a maximum diameter of 4.2 meters and a takeoff mass of 22.5 tons, and is the largest spacecraft developed by China.

The module is equipped with three docking hatches reserved for visiting manned or cargo spacecraft and two berthing locations used to connect with space laboratories. There is also a hatch for astronauts' extravehicular activities.

The station will operate in the low-Earth orbit at an altitude from 340 km to 450 km. It has a designed lifespan of 10 years, but experts believe it could last more than 15 years with appropriate maintenance and repairs.

A movie theater in Qingpu district in Shanghai, on Sept 21, 2020. [Photo/Sipa]

>Box office hits 100M yuan

Advance box office sales for new films during the upcoming May Day holiday totaled 100 million yuan by Wednesday afternoon.

More than 10 new titles will be released on Friday and Saturday, according to a schedule released by film data platforms.

"My Love," a romantic drama from Enlight Pictures, currently tops the advance sales chart compiled by box office tracker Maoyan, having amassed 42.1 million yuan.

"Cliff Walkers," renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou's first foray into the spy genre, is in second place, with more than 25.6 million yuan.

Crime thriller "Home Sweet Home" ranks third, with 10.1 million yuan.

Three other films have made significant advance gains: "Break Through the Darkness," a big-budget crime action film telling the story of China's fight against organized crime; Hong Kong-based crime thriller "Money Empire;" and "Tiger Robbers," a fantasy comedy.

[Photo/China Daily]

>Actress investigated for tax violation

China's taxation and broadcasting watchdogs said Wednesday that they are investigating allegations against Chinese actress Zheng Shuang concerning tax evasion, sky-high remuneration and contract fraud.

The Shanghai Municipal Tax Service is conducting an investigation into Zheng's tax issues in accordance with tax laws, while the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau has launched a probe into the production costs of a related TV drama and how much she was paid.

Officials from the two government bodies said they would strictly investigate violations of laws and regulations, while probing issues such as actors' sky-high pay and tax evasion, and taking corrective measures.

Contracts for the production of TV programs should be strictly scrutinized to create a positive environment for the high-quality development of the country's TV drama industry, according to the watchdogs.

Students majoring in e-commerce participate in a livestreaming class at Chongqing Business Vocational College in May. [Photo/China Daily]

>Livestreaming marketing regulation

Seven government agencies, including China's Cyberspace Administration and the Ministry of Public Security, jointly issued a regulation on Friday. It makes clear individuals engaged in livestreaming marketing or operations should be aged 16 or older, and requires livestreaming platforms to blacklist those with records of serious violations.

The regulation, set to take effect on May 25, stipulates that people engaged in livestreaming marketing must provide true, accurate and necessary information on their products.

No content should mislead or defraud consumers.

It also prohibits activities such as selling counterfeit goods, infringing upon intellectual property rights, falsifying online views and tampering with transaction figures.

Account holders and livestreamers should respond to reasonable requests from consumers in a timely manner.

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